GMI Analyst

Name of Database GMI Analyst
Source GMI Ratings
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For NTU Staff and Students.

GMI Analyst

Brief Notes
Provides CEO compensation policies and practices for 3,200 US companies with director profiles, tenure, age, gender, board attendance standards, compliance, shares held and number of directorships held. Users can search by CEO and company, and get ownership information, the composition of boards and the number of multiple directorships and the nominating committee, among other information. The database does not include these information: split Chairman and CEO roles, presence of lead director and the adoption of formal governance policies.
Data Type Full-text and Tables
Coverage Current filings
Database Size 3,200 plus companies
Subjects/Topic Coverage
Corporate governance, Executive compensation, Board of directors, Directors of corporations
Concurrent Users
Updates SEC filings
Save Option Yes
Print Option Yes
RSS Feeds No
Weblogs No
Podcast No
Additional Notes

Updated as SEC filings and changes in CEO and directors are registered, and also on a quarterly basis (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1) for most firms

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