China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) - 中国知网

Name of Database China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) - 中国知网
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China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) 中国知网

Brief Notes

CNKI is a China national knowledge infrastructure that provides comprehensive and current Chinese information on a world-wide scale, including critical academic articles, dissertations, proceedings, papers and books from a variety of publishers, research institutions, and information sources in China. We have subscribed to three main components:

I China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ):  We have subscribed to all of the 10 series.  

II China Doctor/Master's Dissertation Full-text Database (CDMD): The 2 subscribed series are: Literature/History/Philosophy and Politics/Military/Law with coverage from Year 2004 onwards.

III China Proceedings of Conferences Full-text Database (CPCD):  We have subscribed to the 4 series with coverage from Year 2006 onwards:  

·         Literature/History/Philosophy.

·         Politics/Military/Law.

·         Education/Social Sciences.

·         Economics and Management.

中国知网是中国国家知识基础设施(China National Knowledge InfrastructureCNKI工程所提供的网络资源共享平。包含近8000种期刊/杂志,300所大学研究院所博士硕士论文,1000种学术会议论文集,实时数据更新。目前,我们图书馆订购了其中3个分数据库:

I 中国期刊全文数据库 - 收录中国国内8200多种重要综合期刊与专业特色期刊的全文,每日更新5000-7000篇。目前我馆已订购其所有十大专辑,时限从1994至今。

II 中国博硕士学位论文全文数据库 - 收录了42万余优秀博硕士论文,目前我馆所订购了两大专辑: 文学历史哲学和政治军事法律,时限从2004年年至今。

III 中国重要会议论文全文数据库 - 收录2000年以来中国国家二级以上学会、协会、高等院校、科研院所、学术机构等单位的论文集,年更新约10万篇论文。目前我馆所订购了4大专辑:文史哲、政治军事与法律、教育与社会科学综合、经济与管理,时限从2006年至今

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