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慧科讯业报纸数据库由香港慧科讯业有限公司开发,涵盖来自大陆、香港、台湾、亚泰等地 742 多家重要中文报纸。慧科数据库拥有7,500万篇文章,数据回溯到1998年,并以每月超过180万篇文章的速度递增。数据库提供全文检索功能,并自动扩展与检索字相关或同义的词汇,使检索更方便快捷。


·         中国大陆--中国经营报、中国日报、中国新闻社(中新社)、经济日报、光明日报、南方日报、 人民日报以及新华社经济新闻

·         香港--信报财经新闻、明报、东方日报和南华早报

·         台湾--中央日报、中国时报及联合报

Wiser is a Chinese news provider from Hong Kong. It covers the 742 main Chinese newspapers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other Asia Pacific countries. It contains totally more than 75 million individual articles, dating back to 1998 and growing by more than 1.8 million articles per month. Wiser supports full-text search and it also enables searching by phrases, taking into account the semantics and context that are vital to effective searching in Chinese.


The major newspapers include:

·         the People’s Daily, China Business Times, Economic Daily and Xinhua News Service from the Mainland China;

·         Hong Kong Economic Times, South China Morning Post and Apple Daily from Hong Kong;

·         China Times, Commercial Times and United Daily News from Taiwan;

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