Name of Database CEIC
Source Euromoney Institutional Investor
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For NTU Staff & Students only.

CEIC Insights (NEW Interface)
CEIC WebCDM (Old Interface - to be phased out by end June 2016)

Brief Notes

CEIC offers accurate, timely and comprehensive data insights for more than 128 countries for both developed and developing economies around the world. The data series are based only on official publications or records obtained directly from primary agencies and organizations.

Database Description
Data Type Statistical
Coverage Vast majority of data are monthly series available for 15 years.
Database Size 2.7+million data series available
Subjects/Topic Coverage

National Accounts, Production and Productivity, Sales, Orders, Inventories and Shipments, Construction and Properties, Government Finance and Debt, Labour Market and Demographics, Consumer, Inflation, International Trade, Price, Monetary, Interest Rates and FOREX, Investment, Transport and Telecommunication, Tourism, Business and Economic Survey, Financial and Capital Market.

NTU subscribed to:
  • Global Database
  • Sector Database
  • Daily Database
  • China Premium database
Concurrent Users
Updates Daily
Save Option Yes
Print Option Yes
RSS Feeds No
Weblogs No
Podcast No
Guide How to use CEIC : step-by-step guide on how to search and download data from CEIC.
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