Subject Listed : Chinese Studies

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[ Chinese Studies ]

CHANT (Chinese Ancient Texts) Database 汉达文库 -- Please click on 'Institutional 機構用戶登' button to access to the database

China Data Online 中国数据在线

China Digital Library- 中华数字书苑

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) 中国知网 -- Please click on the English Interface if you encounter any problem when accessing to the Chinese interface.

China Stock Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR) in Wharton Research Data Services

ChinaMaxx 中文集献

Chinese cultural revolution database (3rd edition) 中国文化大革命文库 (第二版)

Dacheng Old Journal Full-text Database 大成老旧刊数据库

Isinolaw 中华法律网 -- Please see Westlaw China


Late Qing Periodical Full-text Database 晚清期刊全文数据库

National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals 全国报刊索引

People Daily on CD-ROM 人民日報光盘版

Reproduced Full-text Articles of Journals and Newspapers on CD-ROM 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘

Siku Quanshu – Wenyuange Edition 文渊阁四库全书电子版

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Superstar 超星数字图书馆

The Chinese Anti-Rightist Campaign Database (1957-) 中国反右运动数据库(1957-)

The Chinese Great Leap Forward- Great Famine Database (1958-1964) 中国大跃进——大饥荒数据库 (1958-1964)


Wind Financial Terminal (WFT)

WiseSearch 慧科讯业